rice dishes for thanksgiving

rice is nice.

one of the renaissance mama mantras is to find the fancy in everything....i believe there is something deep & significant about allowing the fancy in you to come out...i am all about fancy the you already have going on in your kitchen...behind the vitamins in that weird cabinet that holds everything but the kitchen sink....and in the very back is grandma's silver..or your wedding china...or your mom's tea cup....BRING IT OUT and let it shine. if you have it, use it. maybe that's the mantra? no more plastic over the couch....when are you going to sit on that thing without the plastic? well, whatever the case purple rice fits just the bill when it comes to fancy in my wooden bowl with salmon & veg or on the thanksgiving table with pinenuts and currants or pomegranate seeds...i found this rice in the bulk bin at whole foods and i am getting ready to buy stock in it...maybe b/c my numbers keep going up...on my mastercard....purple jasmine rice = fancy. i could list a million things you can do with it because... it's rice. it only adds to the beauty of your meal and what kid doesn't like purple rice....expand their view on how amazing rice can be. my dad loves rice and he always said to me as a kid 'rice is nice.' and yes dad this rice is really nice & fancy! see you in the kitchenxxx