organic heirloom tomatoes

rustic tomato sauce.

tis' the season for this beauty love fest
this is a basic in my kitchen arsenal
it's quick, doable & delish

heirloom/japanese/early girl/cherry
all tomatoes that you are LOVING
(ask to try everything at the market!)
yellow onion
olive oil
basil (IF YOU HAVE IT)
brown rice pasta or any pasta

*make it happen*
heat up a pan* on medium
pour olive oil
cut up a bit of 1 garlic & and 1/2 an onion
let it all sweat for a bit
chop up tomatoes
basil if you have
let it all sit with each other
the tomatoes will surrender to the heat
and make the best rustic sauce
add salt to taste
and love of course

this is just as fast as opening
& heating a store bought sauce
not even close to the taste of course
by the time you figure out how to open
 the top (i usually have to hit it with a bread knife!)
this sauce would be made!
you gotta get the best tomatoes
it's all about the source
so please taste them!
*as for the pan*
may it be wide, open & roomy
so you can enjoy the creative process

enjoy beauties!
please share your awesome
thoughts on the blog xxxx
if so inspired...share the love!