los angeles oven works

baby artichokes.

hi beauties!
my sweet neighbor anna taught me 
how to pan-sear these babies
a few years ago when we collaborated in a 
'tuscan wood fired oven pizza' miracle
(that was not the original name)
it's a very simple recipe that requires 
some intuitive inner wisdom ;)

pan-seared baby artichokes

olive oil
saute pan

*work it*
first you want to clean them up 
(as you can see in pic # 2)
take off some of the leaves
with a softer core of the artichoke
turn the dial to medium/medium high
add some olive oil
wait a few minutes depending on your stove
place them face down
*this was an important part*
do not mess with them for a few minutes
let the heat do it's magic
then after a few good minutes
you can move them a bit
not too much.. not like a saute
where we like to do the wrist dance....
you can add salt
(here is the intuitive part again)
you can try one and see if they are ready
some parts are still hard and not edible
but the edible parts are really good!

what i love about this? 
it naturally, gently coerces us
to connect with our food 
and how it's relating with fire
we decide (together) 
when it's ready

no leaving the pan with this love fest
it's about 10 minutes in all 
enjoy beauties