learn to create beauty with food

birthday miracle.

you say it's your birthday
well it's my birthday too yeah
sing it beauties!
there is a july miracle coming up 
and it's my annual birthday miracle!
a menu inspired by the local summer bounty of

miracles are gatherings in my kitchen
where i nourish you & your stories
with abundance, beauty & love

the miracle is about creating a space
to feed each other in a new way,
learning how to create delicious food
inside super busy lives
& to receive this beauty in a new way

you will leave inspired with new ideas,
excited to cook & your hands full with
the best produce from the farmers market
(your belly's full too!)

FRIDAY//JULY 26//10 - 1PM
$100//reserve your wood bowl
ASAP/email me here

rule # 58 in michael pollan's
do all your eating at a table
check that @ the miracle