jules blaine davis private chef

magical mondays.

todays post is about mondays.

mondays are magical days in my kitchen. i wake up, usually have a love fest in our bed with the babes for two seconds, walk up stairs & start the short order cook mama brekkie lunch box back pack homework folder thing, breathe (maybe), kiss babes (always) & put on my red striped apron.

clear all counters, bring the two tables in from the garage, get the camera, check battery, put wood boards, bread knife, pink salt & olive oil in place. i open the fridge, pile all the gifts from yesterdays gathering onto the table and unwrap every single one like it's my birthday.

i put on the fire making room for a new story to unravel inside sweet onions, zucchini, roasted japanese turnips...

i am cooking for women, families, people who are hungry for this kind of nourishment inside busy lives, new babies, healing bodies and more. this work is a gentle dive into an intimate terrain where i have the ability to create medicinal offerings that this kind of food gives us so unconditionally. it's also a complete honor to feed another. by complete, i mean the circle: driving to the market, gathering the food from the farmers hand, placing it in my baskets, bringing it home, prepping it, cooking it, transferring it to glass, delivering it... from my kitchen to yours. it's conception, it's birth, it's my passion church....in the same breath it's the most basic & simple piece to our survival. 

i have also had the opportunity to create this food offering for women undergoing chemo, bodies working to heal from cancer and other illnesses. the food is so healing in it's natural state grown with love, gathered with intention and cooked inside a beauty love fest in my kitchen. i am interested in working with those who are healing.

i have openings on magical mondays. if you are hungry for this kind of love, if you want to send a gift to a mama friend or someone who is healing...connect with me here.

on mondays i can inspire & feed you virtually! follow me on instagram, twitter & facebook as i share what is happening in the kitchen!

love you beautiesxxxx