jules blaine davis classes


this was the first custom miracle where 
9 women gathered in a wonderful venice kitchen
to be nourished, inspired & fed by a true beauty love fest

i packed up all my tea cups, sterling silver, linens,
cake plates, wood bowls, bread knives, ball jars & more.
i gathered my farmers market bounty medicinally/seasonally
chosen from the various markets, i collected my
stories, poems, words and heart to drive west
as the sun was making her way up the highway

these miracles are a space where we can
begin to give a voice to our kitchen story,
a place to discover our universal hunger for beauty.
i want to hear how we are doing this food thing in our busy lives,
how are we cooking? how are we not cooking?
to catch our breath inside a soup or hug this hardship
with a warm tea, whatever we bring to the table,
it's always a miracle!

here is the miracle news:
the miracles are going saturday, seasonal & custom!
the custom miracle means you pick the date,
you invite the people and i bring all the rest!
i can travel to your kitchen with all my goodies
or you can come to my kitchen
& as for my ONE miracle per season.. here it is!

10 - 2 pm
deadline october 18
jules kitchen//LA

we will fall in love with fall, break open the heart
of the season by inspiring you with simple & delicious
foods to create in this cozy time of year, taste the best from
the market, ideas for everything day to day to holiday & bring a
bit of the miracle home with you from your wood bowl love
see you soon beautiesxxxx