flax seed oils dressings

spring salad series.

i am hungry
i am yearning
i am wanting
an ice cold &
warm in my palm
simpler way

i want to turn the corner, 
flip it over & ripen into
a cellular constellation
of trust, of knowing 
it's going to be ok
it will be over soon

the last remains of winter are 
parked in the spring lot
 it's time to shed, shave, 
shred the thick & bright rinds 

i pick the card letting go
i light a candle
i lay here & listen to the 
breath of my vulnerability

this is the beginning of the spring salad series!

i have been LOVING salads! 
all combinations, concoctions, dressings and more!

jules go to dressing
rice vinegar
bit of salt
squeeze of sweet citrus

i pour a cap full of flax oil in the bowl 
(before anyone gets in there)
then i pour a bit of rice vinegar
bring in the lettuces
add salt and squeeze citrus
whatever you love or have around
left over roast veggies, quinoa, rices
radishes, peas, herbs, cara cara oranges,
carrots, persian cucumbers, goat cheeses,
apples, beets, kales and more...
everything but the kitchen sink

you can follow more of this daily 
love fest on instagram
as i discover quick bites on the run
in my every day busy life

love you beautiesxxxx

*flax seed oil*
super medicinal in it's omega fats
great for your skin, hair and nails
cold pressed oil not for heating