dark chocolate bark

dark chocolate bark//iphone.

how beauteous is this?
and it's SOOOOOOO
bring in the kiddos
bring in the love fest
this is a fun family activity
in the kitchen!
this is super good for you
in terms of candy makin'

dark chocolate bark
(inspired by it's all good)
14 oz. of good quality dark chocolate
(i love green & blacks 70% dark bars)
i used 4 bars for a small baking sheet
roughly chopped//sliced almonds
coconut flakes//goji berries
pistachios//maldon sea salt
as for measurement i just put how
much i wanted on each pan

*rock it*
line baking sheet with parchment paper
i place a bit of oil on baking pan
spread it around & then place paper on it
so that the paper will stick nicely down into pan
(no fighting with the paper and the melted chocolate!)
bring a pot of water to a boil 
place chocolate into a glass bowl
& set it over the pot
i like to stir the chocolate
with a wooden spatula/spoon
while its melting
it can be very grounding
stir until it's completely melted
pour into your baking pan
then go at it with your toppings
sprinkle them any which way you like
put the pan in the freezer for about 15 - 30 minutes
so it has time to set and you can break it apart
to eat immediately or put it in fridge in an air tight container!

this is such a great gift or a sweet to have at the ready
super doable & fun for everyone

i hope you will try this and tell me what you think
click into the blog & let me know in the comment section
what do you think about the iphone experiment? 
will you tell me in the comments too? this is the first time i have 
used my iphone for a full post! i would love to know your thoughts!

the next miracle is
there will be special
happenings for this one!
july 26th//10 - 1pm//$100
rsvp soon//we are almost full