bay leaves in soup

artichoke leek soup.

ginger?  tumeric? jerusalem artichoke!

jerusalem artichoke leek soup

2 large leeks 
3 tbs of butter 
1 lb. jerusalem artichokes
2 bay leaves
4 cups light stock/water

it''s been a thousand years but i did it
i used butter

slice the leeks: white & green parts 
make sure its all clean and ready
melt butter in heavy bottomed sauce pan/pot
add sliced leeks
allow heat & butter to soften
low to medium heat
15 - 20 minutes
don't let them go brown 
(look at glazey pic)
rinse and coarsely chop artichokes
add to leeks
wait & stir
add bay leaves
add stock/water 
(you could sprinkle repunzel bullion or powder here too)
bring to a boil then simmer on low
lid on
let the love fest begin
let it all melt into each other 
about 25 minutes at least 
more if you can
let cool
blitz it in the blender
add a 3 minute egg
some kale on top
if you want more love in there 

thank you
for this recipe