a pause for passover ::: brisket.

hi beauties! let's take a breather in this unraveling series on home to give you a brisket recipe for passover or any day really... it's a quick prep and a deeply nourishing outcome with it's warm aroma filling the house for hours and it's delicious taste.  this is a very significant piece to defining the sacredness of home, the connection to my bloodline, the poetry inside my culture ::: the delicious food of the high holidays. i am rarely 'on it' with the blogging & weeks before posting recipes (sorry).... i think a staff might turn that around. i guess i could start with a calendar. today, i am turning over a new leaf and sharing a very simple and BEAUTY filled recipe for passover. this can happen in a dutch oven or in a slow cooker. i love both depending on what your day has in store. if you will be home, throw it in the oven. if not, slow cook it. whatever you do, with these few ingredients it will be delish.


parsley, celery, carrots, meyer lemon zest, 

spring onions, garlic, garlic salt, bay leaves, 

rosemary, thyme, salt and LOVE. 

1. turn the oven to 350

2. heat the dutch oven on the stove top with medium to high heat. 

3. inside the dutch oven: olive oil, spring onion or any onion, garlic


massage the meat with gratitude, love, garlic salt, salt, rosemary,

thyme & parsley

5. you are looking to hear the 'audible sear'

6. make sure the pot is hot

7. seer the meat for a few minutes on both sides

8. then add a few stalks of celery, carrots and any other vegetables

9. yams, potatoes or celery root are a nice addition if you are looking

for more roots

10. then add 1 - 2 bay leaves, a little more olive oil on top, salt & zest

of one meyer lemon

11. put it in the oven on 350 for 2 1/2 hours with the top on

12. you will want to check in every 30 minutes to an hour

13. you are also welcome to turn it over if you want in those intervals

14. whatever you do, it will turn out beautifully

15. you got thisxxxx

the food of the holiday is where i have an opportunity to connect with my judaism, the kitchen as my temple. the smells, the gathering of the food, the connecting with all the jewish grandmothers before me, it's inside the stories we came from and the stories we are writing today. we are giving our families this story by turning on the fire during this time of the holidays. whatever you believe, you can connect to nourishing your family with intention and lovexxxx.