santa rosa plum crumble.

summer is all about the crumbles
as is all the gorgeous deliciousness
that occurs in the bubbling currant beneath
the crispy buttery love fest happening up top.
they are also the EASIEST things to make
you can get fancy and try all sorts
but i like it with butter, flour & fruit.
that's how i roll (until time doubles).

here is one with santa rosa plums from
kens top notch produce. you can find ken
and his gang in hollywood on sundays and
south pasadena thursdays. you can also 
rock this recipe out with white nectarines, green
pluots (with the fuschia center), berries of all kinds
and peaches, yellow & white.. you can do this in a 
pie with crumble on top or a buttered dish square,
circle or oval.. there are so many ways to make this
sweet love party happen in your home.
so here it goes. 

the crumble

first things first
turn oven to 400

1 stick unsalted butter
you can melt this or
chop into tiny bits
using a knife & your hands
up to you
easiest way: melt it
1/2 cup sugar
(some sugar depending
on sweetness of fruit)

3/4 cup flour (i used cup 4 cup
gluten free flour for this one)
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt

mix it
pour, cut, chop fruit*
into buttered dish or pie crust
in a separate, wide top bowl
mix everything else together
then crumble over the fruit
covering as much as you can

you can place it on a baking sheet
and then put it in the oven as it
might drip a bit with the fruit juice
you can bring oven down to 350-375
you can bake it for 30 minutes or so
depending on your oven and the fruit
sometimes it needs a lot more time
how will you know? 
when it's crispy and light brown up top 
with the fruit juice bubbling over and thru it

*note to self: add more fruit then you think
as it shrinks while cooking

let me know how you go beauties

need a summer miracle? 
the last picture is from the hungry 
mother gathering check here
for schedule & information