summer in a ball jar//white peach & ginger.

the old me: who has time to
make a summer drink?
you (& the old me): not me
the new me: we have time now!
this is so delicious!
it's summer in a ball jar!
you: wow, ok, love it.
(or maybe that's you and me)

white peach& ginger
(inspired by it's all good)

3 cups water
1/2 cup raw honey
(i think this was buckwheat or avocado)
2 1/2 pounds white peaches*
(about 8/no pits/chopped)
2" knob of fresh ginger

*fire away*
put everything in a medium sized pot
on high heat//bring to a boil//
turn off & cover pot
let it cool to room temp
puree in blender
here is where it gets tricky
the recipe calls for straining
which is not an RM//julesy thing to do
(who has the freakin' time!!!!)
i just want to make something
in the two precious minutes i have
sound familiar? 
so i did try to sieve this beyatchie
but it was taking FOREVAH
so i drank it as is
which was so so so good
a little thicker than intended
(and frothy) but the taste was delightful
it's gotta be over ICE!

it really did feel like the summer
vibration hit me in a whole new way
i want to know your special summer drinks
& if you make this recipe will you share it with us?
click into the blog & comment

*if you are close to the hollywood farmers market
go to ken's stand...his stone fruit are the best.
mango nectarines & white peaches are out
right now & they are incredible!
so lucky to be blessed with the best.*