golden beets.

i have been the lucky one 
witnessing women across america
eat their first real beet

beauties: i don't eat beets
me: oh really? what kind of beets have you tried?
beauties: the ones in the can
me: those are not beets
b: well i don't like them 
me: yeah i would not like those either
(then i take a bunch of these out)
b: what are those?
me: beets

roasting golden beets

bunch of golden, red, chiogga beets
olive oil
casserole dish

oven on 375 bake
wash & dry beets
cut in half (cooks faster)
pour olive oil in dish
flesh side down & skin side up 
massage with some salt if want to
put in for 30 - 40 minutes 
fork em' to see if they are ready

let cool
then slide skin off
i pinch the back (see pic)
and the skin comes right up 
the skin is edible and good 
if you don't want to remove it

enjoy in salads, alone, dipped in pesto
or thinly sliced on toast with lavender goat cheese
and/or smoked salmon.. with tomatoes, citrus, greens
this is a super fancy combo i have been LOVING!
there are so many ways you can eat beets
just eating them is a great start!

enjoy beauties