yam root mash.

super simple yam & celery root mash

white, orange, purple, japanese
 yams/sweet potatoes (peeled/chopped)
1 celery root (peeled/chopped) 
earth balance or butter
salt to taste
a good masher 

*rock it*
steam yams & roots
fork it
needs to be soft to mash
add a few chunks of earth balance
a bit of salt
mash it up 
add ingredients to taste
make it yoursxxxx

i am BIG into color in 
the bowl and the belly!

this mash can be used as a side, 
a spread in a quickie burrito 
and all by its self as sweet snack

there is a miracle in town

what's a miracle? 

a gathering of women in my kitchen
fed locally grown, farmers market foods
inspired by recipes that are doable 
within our busy lives 
nourished by the BEAUTY
only a miracle can bring

february 22 
10 - 1 pm
jules kitchen
los angeles
email juleslove@mac.com
to reserve your wood bowl
deadline is this friday (2/15)

you want to read some love from 
women who attended the miracle?
and here

love you beauties!!!