monday offering.

it's time to open up your nurturing self to all who come near... are you willing to try this out with me? we are going to start offering food to people that come over to our house or already live there and see what happens... take that bread knife and open up the melon, the tomatoes, the white nectarines and just start offering food. you can also have your RM pitcher of love water nearby with glasses to accompany it... maybe limes, basil & water... or those pink lemons i will blog about soon from the beautiful laura, our avocado lady.

i want us to try this as a community. this is just a thought, the beginning, the first note of offerings.... what will you offer? what do you have in the house? will it be weird asking? and if you ask if someone is hungry... more often than not people will ask you not to bother. so... don't start there... just cut the fruits, put them on a wood board or any surface that pleases you & offer the food ready to be devoured. it's just an experiment... let me know how it goes. we must learn how to feed each other even if we have one orange in the fridge. see you in the kitchenxx