the ritual, the dance, the faith in making a tea before you begin anything in the kitchen is an essential part of the creative process. it honors you & the story...even if it's macaroni & cheese... it creates an importance in & of the moment.. to stop, pause, take this time to GROUND... inhale...exhale.. whether it's insta hot or waiting on the kettle, loose leaves or bags, milk, plain or sugar.... it's the moment... for you. yes... this is all my belief & i could have started this with 'and it is written....' i guess it is in my book...and when i sit down to write.. guess what i have beside me? shocking. a tea. when i would be at the easel... same story... i really can't start anything without a tea... it clears the slate of 'before'...whatever was happening before this moment is gone.. at least a bit...it's like a liquid meditation, a clearing, a prayer almost....and it obviously goes back so far... ancient ritual of this warmth in the palm... i am sure it hits a meridian or some calm point of nourishing self... healing arts people? bring it. it is medicine.... like crumbling the herbs in a mortar and pestle and saying prayers while grinding.. it feels like that... it feels old and so good. we start everything with this good feeling... i guess it is a fancy way of putting the mask on yourself before you put it on your kids... it's giving something to yourself... tis' rare with toddlers ;), jobs, flying time... all of it. it puts the chaos on simmer in a copper pot... so catch your breath & make a tea...give the food the love that it yearns for & everybody is fed...with love. try it & let me know how you go...see you in the kitchenxxx

**always make sure to clear out the teas that you have been travelling with since college (unless you are in college ;) or your first house.. or before kids... it's time to clear em' out! and teas DO expire! check out those dates..cleaning out that area of the kitchen (and every area) feels so good... and there is nothing like new tea (and a vacation..baby steps)...so if you are going to give yourself the gift of tea...check out some of these incredible tea companies & places...organic please.... those little leaves & your beautiful body don't need all that toxin.....RM tea picks: ginger peach decaf from the republic of tea, tropical green & earl grey by might leaf, rooibos or mauritius @ chado tea house (los angeles), fouchon (paris), rowan by sugarbird sweets online...then take them out of the bag or box and put them in a glass vessel... create an experience.. take a vacation with your little tea area and make it fancy, sweet & filled with YOU.