hot of the press.

what is this? inspiring women in the kitchen? in paris and italy they are wondering how someone could stay busy doing what i do.... the movement & the conversation is creating a kitchen culture in america. and yes inspiring women back into the kitchen...embracing this piece inside each and everyone of us....adding water to a box (no judgement) is not cooking and it's not food. bummer and true....let's wake up together and support each other through some very old, ancestoral, not passed down stories and create the kitchen culture we want in our kitchens ....with our families...and make some memories...we will find all sorts of magic in there if we open ourselves to what is inside our cabinets. behind the cell phone charger & the 10 year old bullion...there are many layers patiently waiting to be opened...and we haven't even made it to the pantry! and here comes monday... you have no food in the house which means snacks for the kids & shop those 3 markets and on that journey you see things that you would like to make in the week...and you make temporary peace with that starving place inside of you by buying a few of those question feel good about filling the fridge...and at the same time confused b/c you don't know what to do with a celery root & an acorn squash....and then you watch that food die a slow death in your produce drawer for a week or watch by day grow a little less vibrant and a little more wilty...and you feel the same way...between your guilt for wasting & your shame for not knowing & your no-time life & the fight you just had with your husband & your screaming hungry baby....TAKE OUT!!! i am about to call for pad thai just writing this...because we have all been there and we will be there again. let's not live there...let's create food all the time for our families to eat.

this work is not a's a passion, it's a deep hunger in me to nourish a culture that lacks a kitchen...or is it nurture a kitchen that lacks a culture...this is happening all over america....we have no idea what we are feeding...creating...buying...and inside us...somewhere...we yearn to know...we are the mamas and we create what happens in our homes...we protect through food and we must reconnect this piece as it's essential that our kids know our stories..once you begin gathering food in a new way, loving your kitchen in a new way, feeding your feed yourself with something it motherhood, the old you, the new's a creative outlet (once you have the confidence, support & know how) that is efficient & sustainable. you can feed yourself by feeding your family. it's to kitchen as i witness & observe families changing just by making some fancy water & putting it out on the table (we do more than that). i want to keep talking this way...hearing your stories & supporting you to create a kitchen culture in your home...we are hungry and ready for the change. see you in the kitchenxxx