summer salad.

ok... so much has happened since the last time we shared...for starters.. we are now in august which is a huge shocker in terms of how fast the time is flying..... i mean are you feeling this and yet....there is still time to create something sweet, green & delicious for the liver chi... here is a very mellow arugula & dandelion salad with pistachios & strawberries...the dressing is simple with 3 ingredients...macadamia nut oil or flax seed oil (or both), rice vinegar & a citrus of your choice... i used a juicy tangerine for this one. the sweet of the strawberry inspires the peppery taste of the arugula & the slight bitter love coming from the dandelion. when it's bathed in a simple sweet dressing.. it feels doable, light & perfect for a hot summer day. more to come....and soon tooxxx