italian kid cake...

i love sweet little cakes in spring.... this is one that i make all the time as it's great with a tea in the morning or after dinner for a sweet tooth's one of my faves & the recipe makes 2 cakes... so i can always give one as a presie.... which i really LOVE!
here is the list....
flour - 3 1/3 cups
baking powder - 1 heaping tsp
caster sugar (or cuisineart your cane sugar to make it fine) - 1 cup
4  oranges 
olive oil (tinted glass & organic) - 3/4 cup
pine nuts - as many as you want
brown sugar - 1/4 cup
vanilla extract - 1 tsp 
4 (brown & from the farmers hand) eggs... 

i love to gather all the things i will need first (as though i am creating a little photo shoot for martha stewart living) and make it feel a little fancy with all the ingredients so i can see everything out...there is something calming to my hormonal symphony about this... gathering all the parts that will in time make a whole....also - the practical side is once they are all in one place i will not be running around in circles when it's time to mix, stir in gradually and so on.

2 round pans... olive oil massage & dust with flour... getting em' ready for the love & let em' wait for it on the side. oh and put the oven on 350. 

separate the 4 eggs... put the whites in a big bowl and whisk away until they are foamy and fluff. if it's hot in your house - put them in the fridge and if not - leave them out as we will come back to them in a few minutes. 

next..whip the yolks & the vanilla for the foamy touch.. then add the sugars... wait a bit... then add the olive oil bit by bit & mix well after each addition.  it will be getting thicker by the minute and that is good. 

now sift the flour & baking powder into the mix bit by bit.... 

i sift with this collander sifter... and hit it with a wooden spoon
it's a bit tribal and does the job.

grate the zest of one orange and 
squeeze about 4 oranges to make 1 cup of orange juice

then fold into the whites - which i usually will put the whites into 
the mixer b/c the batter is so incredibly thick ... it works best for me this way. 

then add the pinenuts & sprinkles and sparkles of all the colors you love..

put them in the oven for 35 minutes!

beauty in one cake.. 
and now you have 2...

(thank you to tessa kiros/apple for jam for this recipe)