Jules is one of a kind. She is beauty embodied. She makes me laugh. She wakes me up. She inspires me to create beauty everywhere. She invites me to be my most authentic and present self. She says yes of course to my vulnerabilities and welcomes them out into the light of day. She is friend. She is an ally. She is a gift.

— Heidi

It truly transformed me! I didn't think it was possible to rework my style in the kitchen, thought I had it pretty well down. I spend a lot of time there... Been loving how easeful things suddenly feel. 
I feel like you made a mother out of me. You know... The kind of mum that opens the cupboard and trusts in herself to chuck it all together and just get it the fuck get it going!!! I was spending WAY too much time sometimes!!! Been making your quinoa recipe with rice too. Boards galore. Cheese and chocolate too!!

— Narelle

Everyone always responds, oh, she is a life coach?!  Ummm, no, she is a soul healer and fairy godmother...she uses the media of food, holistic and organic methods, yoga, writing, etc. as a means of coming together and pulling out your guts so you can start living with the freedom of letting go.

— Andrea

Thanks for the beautiful kitchen healing and connection! I look forward to more...My head is full of a lot of thoughts and ideas. Time to downshift into the evening and let it all simmer. Heartfelt gratitude for you, your rich stories, gorgeous and raw honesty, whip smart humor, insight and compassion with all of us who are so hungry for the miracles you invite us to create for ourselves, families, communities. xx

— Johanna

i just wanted to write and thank you deeply for bringing such beauty into our lives today. you are such a gift and i left feeling nourished and so full. full of gratitude, love, ideas, oh yeah ahas, reminders and of course, food! the most delicious bounty.

the space you create is so unique and conducive to where one may find themselves, where we found ourselves, today. wherever that may have  been.
thank you!

— Danika

She’d distract you with her beauty – blond tendrils and bright red lips. Always those lips. Less seduction, more a metaphor…a bull’s eye. She saw through her mouth. Some say the third eye is on the forehead, her’s lay just below her nose.  And she really would see you, and know what you needed and add her own particles of love and light.  Then she’d transfer all of that that into your mouth under the guise of, “here honey, you look hungry.

— Jill

Read the entirety of Jill's beautiful words.

I feel lucky to have been able to experience something so refreshingly real and inspirational. While simple in concept, it was so different than anything I've done and it was just lovely to be in a PEACEFUL setting amongst other women sharing wonderful food and things close to our hearts.

I have to say I felt skeptical of my ability to do anything of justice to that bag of amazing greenery I took home - but I did! Honestly, I would normally be baffled/intimidated by things like turnips, swiss chard, green garlic… But I chopped/roasted up everything in there and put it over vegetable radiatore with some parmesan - everyone loved it and it tasted so fresh and wonderful :-) Who knew. 

— Jeannie

I have connected to my desire to eat better, connected to my senses and my experience around food and other creative aspects of my life... have discovered that there's no right reason or way to pick produce... that I can just pick what is beautiful.  This has been a process with ups and downs that is usually recharged when I go to another miracle.  My work with Jules has been transformative way beyond the kitchen!

— Patricia

Jules uses many modalities to engage the spirit and soul. The setting of her home with all its beauty, created a comfortable place to land and be vulnerable. She had tea and fruit to nourish as we dove into the work together, grounded into mother earth, she guided with breath work and poetry, which created an opening of the heart. She helped me connect with my body. Jules facilitates healing on a  deeper level and what flows out for me is seeing my true potential and a vision for my higher self. Jules is amazing in her gift of helping to navigate through any confusion and how to reclaim my freedom that i was born into….