:::   welcome beauty   :::

here you will find a place to go with your hunger.

beauty to stir :: poetry to inspire :: motherhood to sate :: breath to awaken :: wood board love to nourish and stories to feed you.

this is a movement about awakening to our hunger in our everyday lives. how do we nourish our lives? how do we wake up? how do we turn on the fire and once it’s turned on what do we do with it?  this is what i call a below the neck chat. this hunger lives inside us all the time. it seems to hang out between chaos & quiet, sometimes i see it at the corner of fearless and tender. it sits at a table for one with mindfulness on the menu and a deep desire to be fed inside a life that aligns with our values. 

i believe in us. i believe in our hunger. i believe that with support and a connection to our nourishment, our connection to our kitchen, a connection to our breath, we can heal. we can invite longing in and offer her a tea. we can allow our wisdom and the wisdom of the women before us to teach us what we crave to know. 

my name is jules and i am a kitchen healer. i am first and foremost a human being, a woman, a mother, a partner, a friend who is hungry to strip away all the noise, to be my most authentic self, to grow and stretch inside my story, to lean in, to care and be of service, to heal myself and others inside a big wood bowl of love and beauty. 

i work with women in private one-on-one sessions in person or via skype/facetime around the world. i bring women together in gatherings with food and story called miracles. i also work with men, kids and families depending on the needs of the family. i love to collaborate with others, speak at retreats or events and create ritual or sacred space where needed. i am writing my first book about this work as a kitchen healer. 

my story began in miami lakes, florida, the daughter of an artist mother and a brain surgeon father. that just about explains it! then add in a 1/4 cup of southern baptist and a full cup of staten island jew. my food story began with latkes and fried okra all day, matzo brie and a caesar salad too. my mom cooked up a mean ziti singing to luciano pavoratti or perhaps carly simon depending on the day.  there was always music on in the kitchen.

my story continues in los angeles with my husband, joshua, and our two zen masters, ocean and beauty. we live in a yellow craftsman and we call her sunnyxxxx