tomato smoothie

gorgeous gazpacho.

there is a particular time in the beginning of a season 
where i ground into the realization that the time
(for that new season) has arrived
as though the page has turned to the next palette 
of tastes, textures, colors & creations 
that i so graciously get to know again & again
another chance to explore, discover & enjoy all that it brings
like seeing a dear friend from a long time ago
we catch up with the new, we recall the past
we make another memory
i felt this feeling when i was gathering the ingredients
to cut up and throw in the blender
like a de ja vu but new :)
this is a basic in my kitchen during the summer
as a light meal, a side or a snack to grab on the go
assuring us that there is always some beauty in the fridge

whether we have come to know it as spring or summer, winter or fall
the change of the seasons is a continuation of our story,
our kitchen culture, it's how we pray in this way
in the celebration of the juiciest strawberry
all over our childrens' cheeks
or the watermelon, peach, apricot that has made
it's way to perfection & all i can hear are the kids calling out
"more! more! more!"

how can we stay away from a church like this? 
how can we not hunger for this kind of beauty? 
how can we learn to feed each other in this way?

gorgeous gazpacho

2 - 2 1/2 lbs of the best tomatoes you 
can get your hands on
cut in half or big chunks
***everything about this is the tomatoes***
1/2 peeled english cucumber
(i've used persian too)
2 wine vinegar
2 tbs. olive oil
1 clove of garlic (peel & cut up)
3/4 cups of water

*rock it*
this is basically a tomato smoothie!
put everything in the blender together
blend till all the tomato peelings are gone
just a few minutes to a frothy, cooling love fest 
enjoy immediately or put in the fridge for later
(only gets better with time)
i love this gazpacho in a big glass ball jar
i love to pour it in teacups for me and b
it tends to separate
shake it up and enjoy!

let me know how it goes
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