puree soups

zucchini & green garlic soup.



this soup is my early spring elixir
as we move farther away from winters cold hold
we start to discover all the warm moments of today
depending on where you are standing 
(here in los angeles :)
that is how this soup feels
it is SO good
i might have to make it again 

zucchini & green garlic soup

a sweet onion (chop)
1 vegan bullion 
2 bunches green garlic* (chop)
5 medium zucchini (chop)
olive oil
5 or so cups of water

*fire it up*
put your pot on medium
pour oil
let heat up a few
put in the onions & bullion
let it do the base glaze dance
onions sweatin' the oldies ;)
after about 5 minutes
put in green garlic
then zucchini
add water to cover all veg
then a cup or more after that
put on high
bring it down to low
lid on
timer on 30 minutes
turn off
let it cool
leave it all day if you need to
once cooled
pour most of veg in blender
don't put all the water/stock in
you can put it in gradually
as you don't want it to be to watery
can't reverse the process
so take it slow

*jules bits*
add lemon if want
add salt if need
pour into your 
favorite tea cup
drink it up
isn't it so good? 

*green garlic look 
like a ramp or baby leeks
with purple & white in front 
and it smells beautifully garlicy
you can find it at the
hollywood & santa monica 
farmers market at weiser farms
i am sure you can find it 
at other farmers markets too*

in other news... 
 i changed the blog name t
jules blaine davis
(as you can see)
small steps.. 
gettin' there