how to make the best rice

lentil love fest.



lentil love fest

list it.
a few circles of olive oil
medium brown onion
garlic clove (s) chopped
1/2 repunzel bullion
mix of spices:
cumin, garam masala, curry
you can do a teaspoon (each) or less of these
1/2 cardamom pods (if you want to go deeper)
i tend towards no spice so i just do a hint of each for the flavor
1 1/4 puy, cardina, green or brown lentils
2 tomatoes peeled and chopped
spinach/chard/kale cut/chopped into ribbons
juice of one lemon 
(meyer lemon is the best about now)
sea salt/pepper if want

do it.
heat oil in sauce pan on medium
add onion (let glaze, see pic)
about 5+ minutes
add garlic, spices, bullion mix well 
cook for a bit more
add lentils
add about 3 cups of water
bring to boil
then down to low with lid
cook for 40+ minutes
checking in every 10 minutes to stir
when lentils are soft:
add tomatoes, green ribbons, lemon juice, salt 
mix around, check in on it, 
might need more water or time to cook

with it.
i love this with a short grain brown rice, 
basmati or jasmine 
you can make white in 10 minutes
and brown in 25! 
grab a chunk of earth balance 
put it in your pot
the other 1/2 of the bullion
let it melt for a minute
add rice
add water
2:1 white
2 1/2:1 brown
boil then simmer with lid
put on timer

enjoy beauties
have a gorgeous friday

adapted from eat drink live by fran warde