how to cook an artichoke


a tight bud 
put together, almost 
perfect and so heavy 

opens with heat 
opens some more 
thistles protect
only to be carved 
open again
with a butter knife

a broken heart
delicious and ready 
to feed you
(words inspired by above)

and there is this...
what's beautiful about this?

you can steam in stages depending on your day 
you can boil the water on medium high
for 20 minutes or so (when you are making a tea and getting in the shower works)
leave the lid on & turn it off when you need to leave the house!
it will continue to steam... 
then you will have a little more to do when you get home
fork the top of the stem to see when it's ready 
(watch the steam inside the pot: ouch! 
and water uner lid!)

*when gathering: grab the artichoke with the thickest stem*
it's not about the leaves or how huge the head is ;)
big stem = big heart

i love these on the wood board love
as a starter before dinner or as a snack
the kids get busy with this and i can get ready for the next thing
as you know.. there is always a next thing!

you can make dips!
i love veganaise! mayo works!
i think we used sour cream too
i also tried a little mayo/mustard/agave/lemon
it was a bit intense with the mustard.. 
you can also do butter and lemon
so many choices!

artichokes are best served warm
so you can keep it in the steam pot
rev it up again before serving for a minute or so
enjoy beautiesxxxx