easy recipes for cookies

best (vegan) chocolate chip cookies: ever.

anyone out there experiencing the non-stop/spring fever/sweet tooth party happening over here lately? i usually take the edge off with a cara cara orange and some really hot tea... and yes, for those of you who are in the know: there are definitely some deficiencies, stresses, life actions that continue to keep this party going but we are going to keep this post light and yummy. this particular day ocean was home from school and wanted to bake with me. so i found this awesome, easy recipe for us to make... some wet, some dry, combine, mix, make balls, flatten, heat, rise, cool and eat! i love that to-do list... oh and it's vegan pants which i tend to not be totally gung ho about (is that how you spell it? where did that phrase come from anyway? write in and tell us) i have been a vegan a lot lately so i thought i would give this recipe a whirl. and..O. M. G (which is ocean's knew phrase now) they were so good!

this is such a transitionary time with the season changing, holidays, spring break, march madness... and this is just one of those simple whip it together with a bowl and spoon type recipes.... no kitchenaid needed or eggs for that matter and did i mention how good they were?
and what is more grounding then a simple chocolate chip cookie dipped in some milk? then a nap. and a movie. oh.. don't get me started! OMG! see you in the kitchenxxxx

put on the oven to 350 bake & here are the ingredients.. i used almond milk & you could switch out the flours or use a whole grain with white too.. add some flax powder or other superfood powders, chia seeds, nuts, etc.. i will experiment next time now that i know the base.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ingredients

one bowl wet, one bowl dry... mix together, bake on 350 for 7 - 10 minutes (depending) or so and voila! let me know how it goesxxxx