a hole in one.

beauties! here is another mini break in the home series for a quick


which is what i like to call food that takes 1-2 seconds or minutes to make and is simple inside the storm! inside the move, the place that was the hardest to pack up was the kitchen. 

we were swimming in so much of the unknown. what would we need while we were moving around? what are the essentials to go with us wherever we will be? when will we land and where? i decided to bring all the things i use everyday which in turn made me feel deeply nourished just by looking at them. they were also the things i couldn't bare to put in a box and seal it with tape. they are living and breathing parts of me, of us and how i nourish my family. 

:::i realized that they are not just things, they are a part of our story:::

a few wood spoons (roasting spatula & wooden rice paddle), my mom's 2 copper pots, 2 wood boards (big and small), a bread knife, a few kitchen towels, our iron clad pan, miracle tea, a weck jar of pink salt, a ball jar of brown sugar, olive oil, a small spatula, my mini mits, a roasting dish and chamomile lavender tea. the iron clad pan delivered every time. i love that thing. 

breakfast needed to be quicker than normal because we were staying about 20 minutes  away from a school we used to walk to in five. every morning when i wake up, i turn the stove top dial on low to get the pan warm. i have no idea what will happen. what i do know is i will need to warm or cook something soon: one day old oatmeal to eggs to french toast, you name it. 

:::i wake up, i turn on the fire:::

instead of doing eggs with toast, i thought why not put the two step into one and call it a day? i cut a hole out of a piece of bread and threw it on the warm, lightly buttered iron clad pan. i waited as it warmed the bread. 

i put the heat up to medium high.

then i cracked the egg inside the hole. i also added a little cheese as you can see in the photos. in a minute or two, i turned it over and let it cook a bit on the other side. done and done. say good-bye to waiting at the toaster. of course you can cut all kinds of shapes... a hole seems to do the trick depending on how big your bread is! there are so many different ways you can make this yours. 

may this bring some brekkie inspiration into your morning routinexxxx