i was thinking a little crepe inspiration might hide
the fact that i have been MIA from the blog in almost
a month.. yikes! you are on my mind ALL the time!
i am always thinking all kinds of things to share with you
to post real quick and then before you know it...
i am caught in the storm, i can hardly find the ground
and then i land in the hopes that i still have my body intact,
i guess all of this to say that i miss you, i miss me here,
i miss the consistency of the blog, sending it out to inspire and nourish
your journey in and out of the kitchen. i guess what it really comes
down to is we are all going thru this storm together and i ain't hiding
the fact that my staff hasn't showed up here at white oprah
headquarters.... WOH!
they are coming, it's just a longer commute than i thought. 

i have been super uninspired lately... yep, you heard that right.
the one who inspires gets in a bored out of my mind rut too.. which
is also fueled by the non-stop life that is happening around me
at a pace that includes a lot of the same ol' same ol' ... so i reached
out to the amazing & inspiring nigel slater one night.. one of the many 
things i love about him and his books is the simplicity to his approach.
so incredibly simple. i decided i am going to make crepes to get out of
this hole and it worked! they created so much joy, with b helping me and
o creating his own... it was a good start out of the rutxxxx

CREPES with raspberries, peaches & strawberries
(nigel slater refers to these as pancakes in notes from the larder)

2 tbs+ some for cooking//butter
2/3 cup cup4cup flour or other flour
1 tbs superfine sugar
1 large egg and 1 extra yolk
1 1/2 milk
stewed fruit

first, i threw a ton of fruit in a big saute
pan with a little butter & a tiny bit of water
i had that on low thru this entire process
melt butter in a small pan and then cool
sift flour, pinch of salt into a large bowl
mix in sugar, make a well in the center
and add the egg & egg yolk, plus cooled
melted butter, stir gradually adding milk to
form a smooth batter, leave for 1/2 hour
(not sure if i did this or not...we were hungry!)

use a 8" or 9" nonstick frying pan with melted butter
i used a 2 tbs scoop to put batter in pan but you can use anything
you feel comfortable with and then spread it out like you 
are trying to keep a tennis ball on a tennis racket (kind of)
spread batter around to make it thinner
then see how it begins to bubble and use a little spatula
to life the sides and flip it over.. i like having a plate on the
stove top where i place the finished crepes so i can keep going

 nigel bakes these crepes with the stewed fruit inside
 after all of the above! that is not the kind of life i am living
as i had vultures that looked like my kin around the stove
waiting to be fed! also, i added some wedges of lemon &
powdered sugar with a sieve to add to the inside of the crepe.

more recipes soon
(i promise!)

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