mothers, miracles & wood board love (oh my!).


this conversation about food, eating, feeding other, feeding me, 
connecting to my nourishment, my food story, your food story
and my constant hunger for this entire feast began when i fell
in love. it was another medium in which to give myself to my
beloved while mixing, mending & breaking my heart open
inside a warm soup or a sweet scone. the only thing that has changed
is i have fallen in love with so many! ocean & beauty keep me
inspired, asking me questions in the kitchen, asking the whys & hows
about food & life as i keep them busy with the basics of how to feed,
nourish and heal themselves in this way.

i share this with you dearest beauties because with
mothers day approaching i am offering a new service called
wood board love sessions. this is a private session in my kitchen 
where i feed you & your son, daughter or loved one the seasonal
beauty of the market while inspiring the opportunity to talk about food,
nourishment & how it's all happening in your everyday lives.
you can read more & sign up here.

mothers day miracle on may 9!
reserve your wood bowl here (it's already filling up!).
bye bye spring break!
it's time to recharge and re-inspire you, your mother,
your loved ones with the beauty & bounty of spring.
every miracle is mothers day so this is going to be off the hook!

make room for your needs, your nourishment, your hunger
with amazing women, a farm to table feast & recipes for life.

big love beauties