goldy soup.

when all else fails: i make soup.

here is one i came up with last night
that turned out like a velvet cozy sock
or maybe it felt like a glove
well, whatever the case it tasted kind
and loving to my 'everything is in retrograde'
theme i have been swimming inside of lately
with a salty top of parsley & avocado
it nourished the chaos inside me for a moment
or possibly two...

the story starts with a half of a cauliflower
that was left in the fridge
so i chopped it up
cut up some turnips
peeled & chopped some carrots
with my regular base of 
sauteed yellow onion & green garlic
a little bit of salted butter & olive oil
mix it all around
on a medium setting
let it get a bit glassy
add all the veggies
then add about 5 cups of water
bring to a boil
back down to simmer
let it cook for 1/2 - 1 hour
(you can also wait for it to cool 
and use your blender!)
& voila.. i served it with 
a super light cheese quesadilla
& guacamole.. i have been keeping
parsley & edible flowers in ball jars
on the table so the medicinal conversation
can stay open in terms of what i feel like
adding to my dish! it's another way we can shift
the subtle tastes of our meal in a creative way

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at the spring miracle on april 11
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