dearest blog, 
you are 5 today.  you have been the ground in which to sew & save the swatches of my story; no matter how strained, sieved or stressed life may be, you are my witness. i write, upload & link while you put my voice out there for all to read, feel, see & taste. i am so grateful for our journey together. here is the first post i published called hungry mother. i feel as deeply connected to the words today as i did when they ran out of my fingers five years ago. i had no idea what i was doing, i just knew i was hungry mother of a two year old boy.  sweet community of beauties, thank you for reading, sharing & holding the space for my musings on motherhood, food & fire. i am so grateful for youxxxx

i am starving for this conversation to begin....i want to ask questions, write lists, hear your stories... i want to understand, get underneath, turn it over & see the other side of this place where we are connecting to our kitchens...this daily piece of feeding other, our kin, ourselves.. it's deep inside. how we were fed and what surrounds that for each of us... and now we are the mamas, we are the wives, we are the women creating the meals... we are nurturing, providing, gathering, hunting, feeding, creating, birthing, businessing, parenting, saving the planet and on & on....we are the renaissance mamas...yearning for the basics in a world that is full to the brim with new, quick, easy & cheap. 

give me the ground... the warm, thick soil, roots to something deep...traditional, memories, recipes, stories told in the kitchen... we are the change... 

wooden spoon

we are returning to this place in all of us that is screaming to be heard, that we may not even remember....with passion, fear & unbelievable meals in the kitchen that you love, sating these creative pieces in us, stirring in our shamanism, mixing with a new consciousness to bake on high and rise.  

creating tradition from scratch & beginning a movement....