beauty salad.

hey beauties!
there are a variety of salad births happening
out of my kitchen on the daily over here.
it's funny when you just get the memo
that it's time to eat a lot of salad!
we are coming into spring yet it's been colder in LA
so i am not quite sure if it's energetic or seasonal
or maybe it's just time for lots of green beauty
or my body is ready for this kind of simplicity
probably: all of the above!

in my kitchen, a salad is just something
that randomly comes together by the inspiring
beauty lingering around the area which is why
i always say buy the beauty that inspires you!
when you do this, you give yourself the opportunity
to create, express & nourish yourself in a way
you would never think to write down on a list
for the grocery store! so with that said
here are some ideas to create this
beauty in your belly!

beauty salad

1 blood orange
chopped celery stalk
chopped or cut off parsley
a bunch of wild arugula
salted & roasted pistachios
scoop of avocado
chopped up spring peas
sliced radish
avocado oil
rice vinegar
salt your greens
a squeeze of sweet
valencia orange

may you be inspired
feel supported
& nourish your

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so much more @ the 
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