hey beauties!

i am inside a new love affair with this beauty above...
is it calling to you like it calls to me? 
i can't believe that i am just nearly getting on board
with this japanese spinach. if bok choy & the freshest new zealand
spinach had a baby it would be tatsoi! it's sweet, crunchy and not
like any spinach i have ever experienced...

you can saute it with any oil you wish...
i have used olive oil & sesame oil, salt and love
(which will not be hard to find once you taste it!).
this simple saute takes about 3 minutes.

Tatsoi is high in beta-carotene and
Vitamins A, C, and K as well as other minerals.
i wanted to show you the bottom because these (in the photo)
are grown hydroponically.. i am hoping you can find tatsoi
at your local farmers market...
i believe one of the farms that sells it is called Kanji Yasutomi
they are at hollywood on sunday (8am - 1pm) &
south pasadena on thursdays (4pm -8pm)

let me know
how you go