sweet belly.

beauties! a poetic recipe to nourish youxxxx

you are pink inside
and of course i love pink
you are so round
rotating, holding
my breath
my blood
my babies

you stretch to make room for love
and we, together birth a lot of things
my physical muse in scrubs with a telescope
looking for my constellation of emotion
hiding inside a bloated poem or a super flat song

I am indebted to you
I have never used the word indebted
I will write through the doubt
to trust avenue
to tell you
you are a house
a warm, cozy, ever-growing house
a flexible, loving house

you believe in me
you trust me more than I have ever trusted myself
you were definitely the first one here
I am so grateful

you surpised me in 2006 & 2011
you got so big!
you really know how to grow
to take care of me
and all who came during me

I send you thank you notes;
dark chocolate, a good steam, breathing you in and out
I want you to feel strong

the baby door that ‘they’
created out of you is lopsided
is it bothering you?
can you feel it from where you are?

I love your honesty
I love that we are working together again
I am committed to your muscles

are you feeling better since I started working out?
oh good.

I am so happy to nourish you
cooking for you
rubbing you at night

we have been through so much together
thank you
feels weak
you who grew a placenta
you who housed my babes
your wisdom
an IV to my everything 
but it’s all I got
thank you
sweet round belly
thank you.