figs! figs! figs! 
gorgeous beauty figs!
tis' the season
i want to share with you
whats happening in my kitchen!
i was inspired by tara at silver lake farms
for picking a couple of brown turkey figs
for me yesterday during my visit to her farm
(for my monthly farmer spotlight post*)
i realized that i need to share FIGS on the blog!

*when gathering figs*
i am a BIG supporter of tasting food
before you buy it, using your voice,
asking the farmer or seller
if you can try a sample..
most of the time it's yes &
sometimes it's a no because
they have such a small crop
you have to have some market smarts too!
if you see a huge line that might
be a good sign or ask those shoppers
who look like they know what they are doing
who has the best figs? of course
you can ask me if you are in LA!

you want to make sure they are both firm & ripe
unless you are ok with them oozing ripeness
to use as a homemade mashed up
jam on toast or proscuitto
you do not need to put them in the fridge
unless it's really hot//you want to keep them
in a cool dry spot, separated on a plate

the pictures above show what i have been
creating with figs in the last few weeks
i decorated this flourless chocolate cake for a birthday
cake/potluck/garden party celebrating my sweet friend jill!

i cut them onto the morning wood board love
here is the deal: my kids are not eating the figs...yet.
BUT they are seeing the figs on the wood board and 
over here in my kitchen that is the first step.
i love exposing them to the beauty of the foods
they love & foods they might not love yet
as their palette is forever changing
the conversation about food, the memories
with food, the images, smell & feel continue forever

i put the figs there first because i love them
& there needs to be room for what YOU love
(this is such a vital ingredient to their love of food,
you loving food & showing them how)
if you put the fig or whatever food you love out
on the table, there is a better chance
of them eating it, asking about it, seeing it
than if you never put it out at all
(this is a whole book in itself!)
expose them to what you love
give them your love for beauty
this is the beginning to their story

the next image is of the cornmeal or gf pizzas!
you can adorn these beauties with everything..
there is something with the warm dairy
and the figs that makes me want to SING!

*other ideas*
using figs in...salads, fancy waters &
a sweet fluffy clafoutis
i am looking back in the archives
and i can't believe i have not posted
a clafoutis recipe! that will come soon!

i hope this inspires some FIG love in you!
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and so much morexxxx