watermelon love fest.

i have a sweet story to share with you
it aligns with my mission & mantra
to inspire you with beauty & create cooks out of y'all

last week i had a kitchen healing consult
with a mama who won 'me' at a school auction :)
(i became the lucky one)
as i approached her front door, i gently handled/petted
a few of her lavender stalks as i love to smell the earth on my hands
they were so abundantly oily that foam, yes, white lavender foam
emitted from the lavender! i thought i had pumped EO soap into
my hand from the dispenser maybe this is where they got the idea?
that was the first nurturing offering of the morning

this beauty mama came to the door & welcomed me
into her sweet home where the first thing you can see
from the door is the kitchen....it is the center of the house,
open for all to see & be nourished with some wood board love
and connection to all things food & love

we started talking about her home, her sweet children & books about
autism & diet, gut related issues, flora & birth control pills,
tuna fish & so much more...just another day in the office...
then she offered me a drink....
so, as you may or may not know,
my work is all about healing kitchens & changing lives;
recreating a connection to the kitchen that inspires us to cook &
then learning how to cook inside a life with so much busy, busy, busy.
thinking about food, feeding ourselves, nourishing our world in a
whole new way creating a food culture that resonates
with source, health, love in our homes

so with this said, she asks if i want a fresh pressed juice
i almost passed out
she just started taking whatever she had out of the fridge
she was doing a kind of mumbling chant of run on ingredients
to see what i thought but not really because it was what she had
it was so beauty love fest i can't even tell you

she gets her champion juicer out or something like it
the old school one with the super long neck that turns round & round
anyway - she started with watermelon & it went something like this

*watermelon love fest*
super sweet watermelon - chopped up
meyer lemons - squeeze to taste/zest too!
persian lemon cucumber - peel if blending/nothing if juicing
lemon verbena - a little goes a long way//keep tasting

*juice it up*
this is definitely a make it your own kind of dance party
i did this in the blender
but next time (to reach her goodness)
i will use the juicer
they are both good with the best sourced produce
i put everything in and pressed play
cooling it or putting on ice is also so good

what is so amazing about this?
she has it in her to nurture & nourish this beauty
(we all have it in us)
she took out whatever she had & made it feel like a party
(she was growing lemon cucumber & lemon verbena)
she created it on the spot with whatever lead her to it
chapter 4 in the book that i need to write!
(we can do this)
don't wait for the party as it's already
started with your arrival into the kitchen
(get the bread knife & cut up some fruit)
her creation inspired me to make it at home & share it with all of you
these are the kinds of conversations i want to have!
it made me feel special, cared for & nourished
which i feel could just be an enzyme