beauty cubes.

"the experience of beauty can be immediate and overwhelming:
like love at first site" piero ferrucci

this is what happened to me in creating this piece
i couldn't stop
803 photos later.......
i mean they are just ice cubes right? 
they are not
just ice cubes.

they are pure essence of beauty
they are the earth
they are life
they are vulnerability
they are intimacy
they are fancy pants
they are everything
all in one moment
all in one moment of 
just making ice cubes

do you (& me) a favor
pick up some edible flowers
these are lavender, cornflower & violas
(from silverlake farms at the hollywood market)
you can pick them up at whole foods or a neighbors garden
super fun for the kids to get involved too
the only thing you will need is a strainer
to pour the water into glasses from the carafe 
unless you don't mind a cornflower lub ;)

you can also do this with basil and lemon
or any herb/citrus combo you want to try

it's worth the fun
trust me
beauty is the only way