squeaky clean spinach sauté.

can you believe the beauty of this bloomsdale spinach!?!?
it's so incredibly fresh, crisp & filled with a symphony of flavor.
it's worth your trip to the market (as is everything ;) 
i am having an appreciation party for this deep green
& weiser farms for making it happen.
the other major piece of this party is my kids are loving it too ;)
yep - i said it...maybe it was my yummmm moan
while cooking that got their attention
i get so excited i can't help myself
& the next thing i know O. is reaching his hand in the pan
for a try of this GREEN goodness!
also - this is a super seasonal situation
which also inspires a deep appreciation
like a dear friend visiting for a short time..
there is a connection & intimacy with our food in this way.. 

i am not sure what made me reach for the coconut oil but that started 
this love fest.. i have been on a kick to peel the carrots into ribbons..
so that happened. then i had the sesame seeds out
and i knew this spinach was going to be in the mix 
(i used kale too that first time)
this recipe just showed up as a gift in my pan!
it's exactly what the doctor ordered as
i have been hungry for SIMPLE love filled nourishment
and this sings that song with a flavor that is
deep, delicious & soft. 

spinach saute
(or any deep greens!)

bloomsdale spinach (weiser farms)
OR kale, mustard greens, chard (FRESH)
*to prep spinach: take stems off if want to*
2 - 3 carrots (peeled into ribbons)
black sesame seeds
(small pour) toasted sesame oil
(small chunk) coconut oil
salt & love 

*fire it up*
choose a pan that you have lots of room in 
(more than you might need, you need the freedom!)
you can place heat on medium 
put in coco and sesame oil
add carrots first to get the sweetening happening
saute for a few minutes
then add spinach for a few more minutes
then sesame seeds, salt, love
mix around and serve warm 
this also hold ups well in the pan
throughout the day
or save some for later
enjoy beauties!

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