gaviota strawberry gf crumble.


it's always a good idea to have some QUICK & EASY
sweet treats up your apron for summer and this one:
never gets old.
this crumble is what i like to call a 'frame' recipe
meaning once you know the bones you can create the body
you can make any kind of crumble you want
shape it any which way you would like because
the information gives you the freedom to be creative
and....make it yours!

this crumble is BEYOND
for a few reasons.. 
(need i say more)
3. 6 ingredients
4. 10 minutes prep
back in the day: i would cube the frozen butter sticks, 
crumble it up in my hands & put the sugar in later...
which has it's place on a planet where time is in excess, 
where children play calmly, where i am sure people take naps!
since i have not been to that planet in a long time...
i have this for you! this recipe is inspired by 
it's fast, fun and gets you to the same place: 
yummy in the tummy land 
(or another name for my kitchen!)

gaviota strawberry gf crumble

about 2 baskets of gaviota strawberries
1 stick unsalted butter
1/2 cup of cane sugar
3/4 cup of 'cup4cup' flour
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt

*rock it*
turn oven to 350 bake
cut strawberries in half
put them in casserole dish you love
grab one mixing bowl & a fork
melt butter in oven since it's on or micro
mix butter and sugar together first
then add flour, cinnamon, salt
mix it up
crumble on top of strawberries
you can put it on a baking sheet
just in case of juicy drippings

*fire it up*
put it in the oven for 25-35 minutes
depending on your oven etc.. 
you will see it bubbling a bit 
when it's golden at top, it's ready!
take it out
let it cool 
i think you 
know the rest....

please tell me if you LOVE this as much as i do, 
your ideas & more! leave a comment on the blog!

i am having a summer solstice MIRACLE 
in the kitchen on friday, june 21, 2013
rsvp asap