roasted parsnips.

i couldn't stop photographing these gorgeous parsnips!
i have more if you want to see them ;)

i am so sorry for the blog roll that was sent with the last recipe! 
(it was like receiving my free e-book i haven't done yet)
 i was hoping the move would be smooth sailing
but there is bound to be a few glitches along the way
(bare with me)
i hope nothing weird happens with this one

olive oil
3 bunches of parsnips
(weiser farms if you are @hfm/smfm)
salt/garam masala/cinnamon
casserole dish/thick baking sheet

*fire it up*
oven on 400
convection bake
massage all of the above together
cook for about 30 - 40 minutes
check in at 20 minutes to move em' around

this recipe is very simliar to the parsnip fries
the only difference is the small and delicate nature of these
young ones.. you do not have to peel them.. you can scrub them
a bit if they are super hairy.. the spice didn't soak in like the fries
you have to cut them open if you want the full flavor.