spring & beauty.

"for the experience of beauty to be strong and true,
we need to be, first of all, free in our judgement. 
And by deepening our familiarity with beauty, 
we are coming in contact precisely with ourselves. 
We are becoming more authentic, stronger and more secure. 
To trust our own aesthetic judgement means to have self-esteem: 
We learn to be at ease with ourselves, in touch 
with our emotions and sensations, courageous enough 
to say what we feel and think."
beauty & the soul by piero ferruci

renewal, rebirth, reconnection
can be such a messy, patient, intense process
 maybe that's why everything that greets
us in spring is a gift of beauty, 
hugging you with its colors, smells & lightness
inspring us to begin again
love you beautiesxxxx