matzoh brie.


missing YOU
missing ME
i have been inside the seams of a rocking chair 
for weeks hoping for some shut eye in between 
both my babes spiking high temps & all that comes with it
no sleep for more than the normal amount of sick nights

what has kept me sane? 
ok.. maybe soledad farms pear & walnut goat cheese 
(it's truly divine and a life saver)

what do i love for breakfast on passover and many other mornings? 
matzoh brie

that last pic is my writing about 18 years ago 
when i first asked my mom how to make it 
she is the matzoh brie wizard

i did the play by play pics
so you could see how 
easy, doable, delish and kid friendly it is
and you do not have to be jewish!!
make this! 
it's fun and YUM

matzah/matz/matzoh unsalted, egg or both
1 egg per 5 sheets (feeds 2 - 4 people)
collander and big bowl under it
wood spoon or something to gently pound matzoh
nice sized round saute pan
canola oil
coarse kosher or pink salt
apple sauce & sour cream

*rock it*
(follow the pictures)
break up matzoh in a colander
place colander in a bigger bowl that can collect the crumbs
grab your wood spoon, yam masher or pestle
gently pound the matzoh into small bitty parts
then wet the small parts with some super hot water (1/2 cup maybe)
or just put it under the insta hot for a quick second all around
have your whisked egg ready
put crumbs, egg, little bits, salt all together
mix it up
it should feel like it's sticking together

*fire it*
place oil in medium/high saute pan
wait for it to get pretty hot
place matzoh in hot pan and flatten like a cake 
don't be shy with the oil
you may want to oil the back of a stainless steel spatula 
so there is no sticky factor with the matzoh while flattening it
then you will smell when it's ready to flip it 
(a minute or 2 before burning)
you can cut it down the middle or divide it in four's
no matter what each side will brown, fry, crisp 

scoop some apple sauce & sour cream 
on the plate next to each other
in time they will collide 
it will be epic