life changing oatmeal.

good morning beauties! 

we are really opening up 

the kitchen arsenal over here!

sharing ALL the best ways to NOURISH 


ourselves and our familes 

in our super busy lives

there is nothing better than getting good warm food 

in your belly at the start of the day..

it's vital to a healthy mind, body, everything

this recipe makes it possible for EVERYONE to do this!

this is an everday event 

over here

and this is how it works...

first: order a

rice cooker

keep it simple

on and off/

warm and cook

that's what i am talking about

second: buy oats.

i use the

gluten free bobs red mill oats

bobs red mill has a place in

my heart

now you are ready to begin this 

life changing adventure

oatmeal in the rice cooker


1 - 2 wood spoon chunks earth balance

(soy free is good)

1 - 2 love shakes of cinnamon

 1 1/2 cups bobs gf oats

3 cups of water

*rock it*

i like to start with earth balance

then cinnamon 

pour oats 

pour water

press on

put lid on

now how long did that take? 


now YOUR nourishment is

happening while YOU can

do kids lunches, shower, breathe..

and breakfast will be ready in about 10 - 12 minutes

YOU can do this!


julesy ideas*

i love my soaked almonds

peeled and ready for my warm oatmeal

blueberries, raisins, dried cherries, figs, cashews 

and my favorite: slices of banana at the bottom

so it melts in the oatmeal.. 

you can put all of this in the rice cooker before it cooks too

i have babes who have a variety of needs

o takes it plain with maple butter 

b takes it with dried fruits & almond milk

how do you take it? 

i want to hear!