fresh pea soup.

you ready for this?
here is a super simple FANCY pants soup
that sings of spring...we are almost there!

fresh pea soup

1 lb fresh english peas
chopped cippolini onions & shallots
2 tbs butter & 1 bullion
some mint leaves
4 cups water

*rock it*
grab pot you love
put it on medium
melt butter
throw in bullion &
let them get to know each other
glaze it up
throw some mint in there
wait a minute or two
throw those prada peas in there ;)
mix it up 
add water
bring it to high
down to simmer 
about 10 minutes
take off the eye let it sit
you can blend when cool
can wait till dinner

add 3 minute egg or 
lavender goat cheese 
or any goat cheese or
walnut or hazelnut oil
so good
so good 
so good
for YOU!

*inspired by nigel slater/tender*