kitchen as life & other magical moments.

gorgeous women!!! look at this dance... this radiance...this blissed out beauty showing up at the farmers market... i am inspired each week as there is always something new to gaze at.. a color i want to wear, a shape i want to hold, smells i want to bathe in & tastes i want to share. it's a motley crew of abundance. it's my church of sorts.. if you ever feel like praying in this way... you know where to find me.

do you remember the conversation about the stories hanging in our kitchens? i picture them as a collage of chandeliers, streamers, a breeze, the way the sun hits the beets.... some are ornate and fancy bright, some are dirty, dusty, invisible & some are painfully quiet UNTIL you open something... in your kitchen, in your life, in your beauty... it could be your heart, your eyes, your oven, shredding some carrots, shredding some of you, spreading butter on warm toast, spreading yourself, the sounds & smells of that wooden spoon, the handle in your hand: everything has a story. 

i am finding that it takes courage, tenderness & a deep desire to do this OPENING UP thing.  the kitchen is life. everything seems to be happening in here: miracles, magic & mayhem. we can birth and burn something in the same moment. it's all a big stew of growth: stretching & sating me while i warm it up.

it IS emotional. it IS intimate. it IS a choice.... in how we want to eat, chew & digest these new and old stories of our beauty, our freedom, our life and how we want to nourish ourselves and our clan in our day to day.

upcoming miracles & a saturday workshop!

may 25 
june 8
june 22

10:30 - 1
75 dollars
rsvp asap


saturday workshop: june 16
an exploratory feast of discovering YOUR beauty in & out of the kitchen... we will meet freedom in food & other expressive mediums... more details soon... rsvp asap ... this will also be an intimate group. 

here is a sweet testimonial from the last miracle.....
"Totally inspired, loved every minute. Hungry for more, hope to cross paths with all of you again soon. Thanks a million to Jules and the lovely women I shared a miracle with. xoxo" Nicole 

see you in the kitchenxxxx