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hello gorgeous ones!

thank you for all the love & support with the newsletter... please check it out if you have not had the chance & subscribe...if just to see sweet beauty and her yogic neck abilities (impressive).

this just in: love is being given to me & the RM kitchen! i had my first write up by one of my favorite farms in southern california, wieser farms! you have definitely heard me share about them (maybe too much ;) as they are the potatoes, parsnips, romanesco cauliflowers, butternut and confection squashes to my heart. they are the roots, the foundation, the grounding to so many of my nourishing creations in the kitchen. i opened my email last night and there was a little love blurb about me and the RM mission. thank you weiser farms!

march is miracle month!
the first miracles of 2012:

friday, march 2 from 10:30 - 1 pm
saturday, march 17 from 10:30 - 12:30

all miracles are in the RM kitchen in los angeles. to reserve your wood bowl, email me at juleslove@mac.com. these are intimate gatherings and they fill up fast. so looking forward to gathering again & nourishing each other.

another exciting event up my apron is that i am on my way to YOUR kitchen... i will be starting an RM kitchen 'boot camp'....to begin the long awaited love fest between you and your kitchen. do you want a kitchen that inspires, feeds & serves YOU? and for a quarter of the one-on-one price! i want everyone to experience the incredible opening that beauty and freedom can have in your kitchen and your life. it's the RM way. so, gather your friends for a few hours and lets rock this thing. it will change your life or your money back. i'm serious. more on this very soon... if you are one of those running to the front of the class types (that would be me), email me. see you in the kitchen...yours & minexxxx

*recent photos taken from the hip at the wednesday santa monica farmers market*