hello! i miss you mamas... how is it going in your kitchens?! i have been the busiest bee birthing women who are INSPIRED & EMPOWERED in their kitchens... working the RM magic & creating kitchens that serve us busy mamas & get us COOKING! it's amazing what happens when your belly grows.... so does your community!

with that said... i am finally creating a workshop for women who are ready to discover their story in the kitchen, or at best beginning the RM conversation of nourishing ourselves, stirring up the fire in our bellies, eating FOOD that sates us and more... here is all the info:

renaissance mamas: workshop for all the beautiful ladies

inspiring, empowering & nourishing YOU in the kitchen

are you single, taken, married? working hard for the money?

manifesting the idea of family? babes, pregnant, not sure?

whatever your story, everything happens in the kitchen.

it's where we heal, manifest, create, protect, nurture, nourish, sate, love, fight & bring it on. it's where our fire lives, no matter what size the match. it's where we our introduced to our beauty, cook up our power, heal our wounds in the most vital, rustic & simple ways... to nourish ourselves & our family.

what we will be cooking up in this workshop:

*your story/your kitchen: discovering who you are in this place,

where your fire is, how you want to create a kitchen culture in your home

*creating a kitchen that serves & inspires you (BEAUTY)

*RM basics in the pantry, food & tools

*empowerment in the kitchen, what this means & looks like

*FOOD! seasons, eating, beauty, connection

*includes a rustic, fall meal, lots of food & gifts to nourish you throughout the day

and so much more..

it's hard to explain the nurturing magic that happens in these gatherings...

if you feel called to this, come!


10 - 2/3ish pm

los feliz or mt washington kitchen

$125, 4/5 hours + a rustic, beautiful lunch with gifts

rsvp asap with an email & send your offering via pay pal or check

**you can also give this as a gift or pass it on to those you think would love it**