persimmon, my old friend.

sunday was a rainy day at the market here in los was on the peek-a-boo channel. rain, drizzle, stop and then do it was so beautiful, the dance of it, seeing everyone inside the dance weathering the slight storm of something unusual, the beginnings of fall tapping on the windshield and gently asking if it can nourish us and the earth.

and then.... there was a new sighting. it's like seeing a really good, old friend... i want to run towards the stand and hug them all, asking how it's been and how long they are staying. it's as though i saw they were coming on facebook but then i forgot and maybe i didn't know exactly when they were going to arrive... so i am still a little surprised like christmas morning... it's the best feeling.

it's not just my mind, my whole body, every cell aligns to it... calling out PERSIMMONS!! that thick orange flesh, crispy & tender at the same time, talking to my tongue about fall and what we can do this time around. it's such a beautiful feeling... reconnecting this way to old friends, excited to wake up in the morning, chat more about their journey... we start out just cutting, peeling & checking each other out again after such a long time. i have a feeling there might be a salad or cake in the future though...see you in the kitchenxxx