fall into the RM kitchen.

hi beauty mamas.... i have decided to ground into this beginning of fall with a schedule for the magical gatherings that are happening in my kitchen on thursdays. it's good to have a schedule and since i know all of you do, i thought i would get on board and do it too.

what is this gathering in my kitchen? a friend says it best: "you can't explain it, you have to experience it." i agree. if you feel drawn to the beauty here and have the courage, the surrender, the desire to be nourished in this way: please come.

FALL into the RM kitchen....

september 16 & 30

october 14 & 28

november 11 & 18

10 - 1ish pm
$75 donation
send check/pay pal to hold spot
(1 - 2 weeks in advance)

allow me the honor to feed you, making room for the beauty & inspiring the pieces to come back together...whether it's connecting to the disconnection or just continuing to sew these kitchen pieces together for you and your family....all our swatches of resistence, fear, shame, love, motherhood, broccoli, pasta... whatever your story: bring it. bring it to my kitchenxxx