there is nothing like a lot of FOOD to get me in the mood for abundance.... and there is so much in our lives, our times, our nation that connects us to lack, fear of more lack, void and hardly making it through the week whatever your situation.... here is the answer to that energy drainer: big bowls of FOOD!!!

bowls YOU LOVE... and lots of oranges, lemons, limes... you can juice all of these...zebra tomatoes.. you can make sauce or gazpacho... don't be afraid to have A LOT.. you know you want it.. why not do it? food can replace that fancy flower arrangement.... here is a tip: usually the more you buy at the market of one thing, say oranges, tomatoes, lemons, avocadoes... the farmers will give you the love... so happy you are buying so much..

you can also hit em' with a 'i love your 'fill in the blanks' and i send everyone here to get these... can you give me some love if i buy a lot of them?' ... whoa! don't get all shy shy... connect to that woman inside...yes.. her.. you know her.. the one that loves the beauty of abundance.... i know she's in there... listen.. they want to give you their food! so let them by asking for a little deal... it never hurts to ask... start with one bowl... and go from there. welcome to your abundant renaissance mama self... see you in the kitchenxxx